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VIB was established in Milan in 1979 with the objective to act as a resident buying office for foreign importers and as a business mediator for the import and export of all Italian merchandise. The first decades were concetrated mostly on trade links with the Middle East, diversifying and expanding in the 90s and new millenium to cover all worldwide markets.

1979 - '90s: introduced, developed and distributed in Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and throughout the Middle East the most important fashion brands and Made in Italy garments, aswell as supplying interior furnishings and construction materials and setting up numerous and diverse industrial plants with Italian machinery (processing of marble, ceramics, wood, textiles, glass).

'90s - '00s: expanded and diversified into Africa (particularly South Africa), the ex-Soviet Union republics (particularly Russia, Armenia, Ukraine), India, North America, Japan and Australia.

'00s - present: the Oknayan family's second generation joins VIB's management and starts the corporate restructuring of the group, consolidating VIB's presence on its current markets and developing the business in South America.



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