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Fashion Consulting Buying Office

For 3 decades VIB has been consulting on fashion to international retailers, assisting their buying staff with complete 360 degress buying services and providing for the entire supply requirements of our clients:

  • market analysis;
  • feasibility study of the business;
  • merchandise mix and best brands’ adjacencies;
  • operation and investment planning;
  • complete buying trip organisation: working appointments and business meetings, shows and events.
  • carrying out of visa paperwork;
  • assistance to the buyers on the market and actual buying of the merchandise on their behalf;
  • pricing and exclusivities negotiations;
  • orders management;
  • orders confirmation, followup, payments and supply chain management;
  • product pick-up and control;
  • export documentation and compliance with import country’s legislations;
  • merchandise consolidation and shipping

Clients are assigned a Single Point of Contact who understands their specific needs, prepares buyer visits, assists clients personally on the market and coordinates all follow-up activities through to the final shipping.

We communicate with clients in ways most convenient to them - by phone, fax, email, in one-on-one meetings or in group meetings.

Our service offering includes best practices and expertise in the functions of Sourcing & Merchandising, Buying, Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

Sourcing & Merchandising
We identify lifestyle trends across categories and help our clients develop new concepts relating to consumer experiences.

By continually evaluating our client’s merchandise assortment and results and through our extensive market coverage, providing early identification of trends, we carefully source and suggest the most suitable suppliers and brands to support the category and classification analysis.

Office appointments are geared to clients' specific needs, with an understanding of clients’ seasons, price points, looks and concepts.

To better understand our clients’ needs we visit them regularly. We get first hand knowledge of all the different aspects of their activity, the local market and direct competitor. The field study enables us to:

  • Develop a deep insight of our client’s customers and what they look for when they go to them.
  • Keep abreast of changes in the local market and evolving demand,
  • Visit our clients’ direct competitors to have a comparative view and identify any growth opportunities.
  • Improve sourcing activities when preparing our clients’ next visit's schedule.

Prior to the start of each buying cycle we organize our clients’ complete buying trips: working appointments, business meetings, trade events and fashion shows.

  • We keep in touch with the suppliers for the sales campaign dates and carefully build a map for scheduling appointments to maximize the buying goals
  • We can assist in accommodation bookings to client's requirements, from a list of hotels at corporate rates

We provide full assistance on the market.

  • We provide the tools to focus on the season's key items and work with the upcoming season's colors, fabrics and silhouettes
  • We help our clients negotiate effectively for best prices and terms, leveraging on our relationship with the suppliers and overall volume of business with them
  • We facilitate our clients’ understanding of the local business intricacies, translate during visits and take care of any unforeseen problems that may arise, making every effort to make the experience as pleasant and successful as possible
  • We buy the actual merchandise on behalf of the client, providing suppliers with all necessary guarantees

Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Following the order placement we manage the entire follow-up, organizing and expediting the production, payments of goods, delivery, consolidation, shipping and export procedures.

As our clients’ partners in Europe we guarantee timely and cost effective solutions to their expanding business needs.

For details on our Supply Chain Management service please click here.



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