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Product Development & Production

Many of our customers develop a "Made in Italy" high-end “private label” line, and we ensure it's realisation.

We have the ability to interface with our client's designer studio and production office and long standing global experience in handling the full cycle from  elaboration of the concept to the delivery of the final collection.

We research and select yarns, fabrics, leathers etc, based on the customer’s input. We then select the most appropriate factories from our extensive database of the best manufacturers, working together with the chosen factory to have the first prototypes made based on drawings or samples submitted by the customer or our design consultants.

Once the prototype is approved, a garment is delivered to a selected laboratory for testing. The bulk yarn or fabric is professionally controlled and the production is constantly monitored by our QC consultants. Top-of-production samples are sent to the buyer to assure their correspondence to specifications. Prior to shipment, a final bulk control is effected, extended to packing, labeling, bar-code ticketing, etc.

A similar procedure is followed for the development of clients’ designs in leather goods and accessories. We also develop coordinated lines in ceramics, glass and other household articles.

Our comitment to excellence in sourcing capacities and need for attention to global possibilities and economic factors has lead us to offer the production also in the Far East, through our office in Dubai.



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